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I am a Postdoctoral Reserach Fellow at Victoria University of Wellington, researching active seismicity beneath New Zealand’s central Southern Alps. For more information on my research check out the research page.

Recently, I have been building a Python package for the detection and analysis of repeating earthquakes (EQcorrscan). The main motivation for this was to do something better than the original Matlab codes I had been working with, and as such the package began life as a dump for all my codes. It has now transitioned into a more useful and meaningful package, specifically it works well for large-scale cross-correlation problems with hundreds to thousands of templates and large data volumes (6+ years). The package is open-source and is developing a small community.

Alongside my research, or rather, precluding my research, is my cycling. Bikes and trails are the reasons I moved to Wellington in the first place, which just happened to open up the world of earthquake seismology to me. I won’t have a specific page here on anything cycling, but may post some blogs from some interesting rides, because that’s fun.

I ride anything from track (although not recently), through road to cyclo-cross (I help organise New Zealand’s largest cyclo-cross series, Hüttcross), and all kinds of mountain-biking. Despite always wanting to race downhill, I still haven’t done any proper downhill - the closest I have come is racing local enduros on my hardtail.